About Us

MyGroundBiz login portal is a FedEx customer account used to log in to your GroundBiz or FedEx account to monitor your shipped item. With the help of the MyGroundBiz account, FedEx users are able to track the items they order from FedEx or FedEx section. It is extremely simple to perform the login and registration procedure on this portal.

There are two ways to log in to the MyGroundBiz account. You can use your MyGroundBiz account using your FedEx email. You can also create a new account just for using the MyGroundBiz account.

After you create your MyGroundBiz account, you are able to access the various features and advantages offered by this portal. You are able to access various latest updates and information using this portal. People of the United States using this portal just love it.

When you are signed in your MyGroundBiz FedEx account you will be asked to modify your profile. Do not forget that during the signup process you were not asked to provide your address, city, postal code, phone number, country of residence, state, etc. Just submit the required profile details and click on the update profile. It is necessary to know that this online portal can be used only by the people of the United States and Canada.

If you feel that the old password of your MyGroundBiz account is too weak and if you wish to change it, you can do it easily. Also, if you forget your password of the MyGroundBiz account, you can easily modify or trace your password. There are some simple steps to be followed to change your account password.

If you are the resident of the United States, you should definitely register yourself on the official portal of the MyGroundBiz at www.mygroundbiz.com and get all the latest updates and information regarding FedEx.